Creative Life Drawing Evening Workshops

Cubism Workshop 2007
Futurism Workshop 2007
Cy Twombly Workshop 2008

These workshops were a contemporary take on the traditional life drawing class using the life model as a springboard into ideas and concepts inspired by the art in the galleries and the architectural spaces of Tate Modern.

These workshops provided an exciting and unique opportunity to take part in some of the most innovative and inspirational life drawing sessions in London.

When we worked at the Tate, the workshops took place within the collection displays, temporary exhibitions and architectural spaces and aimed to produce a unique drawing experience, which was engaging, inspiring and entirely relevant to contemporary practice. Classes were completely accessible - working on the premise that no skills or drawing experience are needed to make strong and exciting work. This approach has proved genuinely stimulating and engaging for all levels of ability, from beginners to professional artists.

Each class was different and inspired by the work of artists and movements from Surrealism to Minimalism and beyond with enjoyable and challenging activities to suit all levels. Participants work with a range of drawing materials to make inspired drawings and gain insight into and understanding of the art and artists.
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